Amy Moll, DAOM, L.Ac.

Chief Acupuncturist

and Founder of

Healing Response Acupuncture

& Integrative Medicine

About Amy

Dr. Moll is a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine specializing in neurological disorders, chronic pain, and concussion recovery.  She is a faculty member of the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation. She teaches courses for healthcare practitioners across the country on neurological exam techniques, functional neurology, dysautonomia, and concussion recovery, and has been a featured speaker in veterans groups on the topic of brain health. 

While in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Moll was the lead researcher on a randomized clinical trial on the effects of acupuncture on cerebral blood flow velocity in mixed martial arts fighters following concussion. She was the team acupuncturist for the professional MMA fighters at Fortis MMA in Dallas Texas, working with UFC and Legacy fighters. She is now back in private practice in Bend, Oregon providing a unique combination of acupuncture, Chinese medicine, and functional neurology for the treatment of neurological disorders.


Licenses, Certifications & Degrees

  • Licensed Acupuncturist, Oregon, Texas, and Florida
  • Doctor of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine
  • Master of Oriental Medicine, Magna Cum Laude – Minnesota College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University
  • Diplomate in Oriental Medicine, NCCAOM
  • Rocktape Level 1 & 2 Certified, RockTape
  • Kinesio tape Level 1 & 2 Certified, Kinesio Taping Association
  • Craniosacral Therapy Level 1 Certified, Upledger Institute

Amy's Blog


She is speaking at the Health and Wellness Symposium at Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Bloomington, MN on the topic of Dysautonomia March 22nd-25th, 2018.

Hear what others have to say about Amy. . .

I have been receiving acupuncture therapy from Amy Moll of Healing Response Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine for several months now. Within the first couple of treatments of acupuncture, my chronic neck pain and headaches went away. That is truly remarkable! Amy’s calm and gentle nature is always reflected throughout the course of my acupuncture treatment. She is very thoughtful and comprehensive in her approach to addressing my current and specific needs each session. I am extremely confident in Amy’s ability to help me keep my overall health and well-being in balance AND a priority. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in the healing and restorative power of acupuncture!


Healing Response Patient, Dalas, TX

It is really amazing how Amy can make my back pain disappear. She is an angel, a goddess with little needles and intuitive hands….


Healing Response Patient

I wanted to let you know for the 1st time in weeks I don’t have tingly in my fingers and pain in my wrists! THANK YOU!


Healing Response Patient

I’d like to take this opportunity to describe how my acupuncture therapy has helped my traumatic arthritis in my left thumb. In college, I crashed on my bicycle, and being a starving student didn’t get my thumb looked at. Over the years it become a bit deformed and began to hurt with certain activities. Last summer it became problematic and extremely painful while using the clutch on my motorcycle. I was told surgery was probably the answer, as the tendon would catch and I couldn’t use it at all. I started acupuncture and the results have been amazing. The tendon no longer catches and I can ride my bike without pain – which is wonderful as it is my passion. I can’t say enough about how much it’s helped!


Family Nurse Practitioner

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